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Sweeping Reforms are now in force as of April 1st 2010 widening further the scope of work available under Direct Access

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

On 1st April 2010, the new Legal Services Board approved the rule changes and from this date, Direct Access Barristers can now write and send correspondence in the course of their work. Whilst previously, Barristers were not permitted to engage in correspondence with an opposing parties’ legal representative otherwise arising in the course of their professional representation, this inequality has finally been extinguished following the Bar Standards Board adoption of the proposals for reform. Once again, this sweeping reform will serve to redress the imbalance in the provision of legal services that previously prevailed within the market place, and in doing so makes the case for DIRECT ACCESS stronger still, both from a commercial perspective whilst widening the expertise available under the scheme, all to the benefit of the paying consumer.

Oliver White has recently been instructed to represent a multi-billion dollar asset holding group

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Oliver is currently instructed as leading Counsel on behalf of a multi-billion dollar asset holding company in protracted litigation with a global capital markets banking institution.
This litigation, still before the High Court is widely acknowlegded as being amongst the largest and most substantial capital markets based dispute being brought before the UK Courts at present.

Oliver White secures a widely reported victory in a High Court Commercial Banking Dispute

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

In Decmber of 2010 Oliver White successfully represented a Defendant in a widely reported commercial dispute before the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court which has resulted in the leading judgement on recitfication of banking guarantees. The significance of this judgement was identified in a recent lecture held by the Chancery Bar Association and a transcript of the lecture can be found at