Professional negligence

Oliver has extensive experience of conducting high level claims arising out of professional negligence. Recently this has included the successful representation of a company director who sustained purely financial loss arising out of negligent professional advice he received in relation to participating in a commercial investment.

It is no longer necessary to suffer personal injury (physical or otherwise) to succeed in a claim alleging professional negligence. In certain situations, negligent advice resulting in financial loss is recoverable. As ever this is a specialist area of litigation, constantly undergoing change and review. Oliver White has expertise knowledge of legal actions relating both to contractual misrepresentation and professional negligence resulting in financial loss. Cases involving misrepresentation generally arise out of a contractual dispute between two parties. Failure to disclose or make known key facts or details which define either the contract or the circumstances which led to its formation may well amount to an actionable case by the aggrieved party. In such instances a party may be entitled to recover not only the cost of getting out of the contract but loss of commercial profit they would otherwise have been reasonably entitled to expect.

As with negligent advice, these remain specialist areas of litigation and the ability to recover expenditure and possible loss of future profit remain dependant on the choices you make in determining which area of law is applicable in bringing the claim. Similarly, if you entered into a contractual arrangement in circumstances amounting to fraud or deceit you may well have remedies available to you.

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