Why use a barrister?

A barrister is an internationally recognised specialist advocate. Under the direct access legislation there is no longer a need to first engage, at considerable expense, the services of a solicitors before instructing a barrister.

With a few exceptions, a barrister qualified to carry our direct access work can provide the same services that you would receive from a solicitor in addition to full representation at all courts and tribunals. In non-contentious work (where parties are not seeking a court hearing) a barrister is fully qualified to provide full advisory services along with the preparation of any necessary legal documentation which may range from contracts of employment to share agreements.

Instructing a barrister under the direct access scheme will result in immediate benefit from this key area of change. Taking full advantage of the specialism and expertise a barrister is able to provide, Oliver White is committed to furnish clients with an uncompromising service at remarkably competitive rates.

Unlike solicitor firms, barristers traditionally operate from a set of chambers where resources are pooled between a number of self-employed practitioners, and as such are able to minimise their overheads. Accordingly these significant savings are passed on to direct access clients. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Oliver White for a preliminary discussion regarding your requirements.